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​Event Program

​FestartOsaka Special Gallery Tour

The tour will include an “Impressionist Exhibition” of the treasured collection of the Sanno Art Museum in Kyobashi, and a visit to the wonderful galleries in Nishitenma and Yodoyabashi.

Lunch will be a special French course at Hotel Monterey LaSalle Osaka, which is adjacent to the Sanno Art Museum.

The tour will take you to the Sanno Art Museum and the Hotel Monterey La Suire Osaka, which is adjacent to the museum.

The tour will provide tickets for the museums.

Please note that the galleries to be visited may be subject to change.

For more details, please contact Mainichi Shimbun Travel 06-6346-8800 (10:00 - 18:00, closed weekends and holidays)

You can also apply for the tour through our website.

毎日新聞旅行 大阪 検索

Nakanoshima, Osaka & Surrounding Area Art Walk

The Nakanoshima area, which has been the center of economy, culture and administration since ancient times, is one of the most artistic areas in Kansai. You will visit wonderful art galleries while experiencing a culturally rich Osaka with its famous architecture, art spots, and historical sites along the lush green waterfront. Along the way, we will stop at famous places and historic sites that have nurtured the art and culture of historic Osaka.

Anyone who loves art is welcome to join us.

For application and details, please contact

主催:Art Park

Students studying tourism at the School of International Tourism will participate in a gallery tour.After experiencing a gallery for the first time in 2019, the students were completely fascinated by the art and the wonderful space of the gallery and have since been able to casually enter and enjoy galleries in the city!

This year, while participating in the tour, we would like to come up with a system to encourage tourists to make gallery visits.

*This tour is not open to the public.

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